A conceptual world

It struck me, during a walk, that many of the things we do and act upon are based on notions that are less than real. Wars have been waged on less than nothing. This last decade has seen Australia wage war on terror through terror, force its people indoors in the name of safety, and […]


“But down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid.” — Raymond Chandler, The Simple Art of Murder (1944) We know this character. They exist in hard streets and wet alleys. Their breath is either fogged by the fimbulwinter that plagues their environment, or heavy […]

Welcome to my blog ’16

Yes, it’s me. You probably don’t know me, I’ll likely never be famous (don’t want to be ) wildly successful (here’s hoping), or notable (meh), but here’s my blog. I’ve thought about eliminating my many older posts… But what the hell? A writer should stand by the things they’ve said publicly – warts and all […]

Writing out of your ass

It’s no secret that many a story was written without a plan, a storyboard, or even a few basic bullet points. That’s not necessarily a bad thing if a writer (or writing team) can tie the plot together, or keep it basic enough that it doesn’t become a kudzu-sprawl rivaling the complexity of Chris Carter’s […]

A poetic tribute; Legacy of Kain

A fallen angel with a burning sword, an armoured tyrant on his throne… A man turned monster with messianic ambition, a righteous soldier turned fratricidal murderer. Redeemers, destroyers, two sides of one coin. The whole world their battleground as they move, unwittingly turned by the invisible hands of fate, inexorably surging towards each other, over […]