An eye for History

Twitter is weird. Of all the places, all the ways to see a microcosm of the world, it’s one of the punchiest, shortest, most divorced-of-context, and knee-jerk ways to misunderstand the world. Now, much of that is inconsequential; from views on entertainment, and other fictions, to bullshit statements about who drank a Coke Zero that […]

Mildly Massacring Medieval Misconceptions

Being an armchair historian with a bone to pick, I’ve had more than a few ideas about medieval movies and the like rattling in my head. Take this as a (probably highly inaccurate) primer which you should check with your own research. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this several day long train of thought! Feudalism: […]

Franchise Mutation

I love Stallone movies. The good ones, anyway. It doesn’t help that I look like the ‘wish-version’ of Sylvester Stallone, nor that I can do a mean impression of him, but films like Rocky, Rambo, Demolition Man, hell, even Judge Dredd occupy a corner of my heart. But what happens when a franchise goes on […]

Just Do It

I’ve always found it odd that people came to me for advice or encouragement. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting me, you might know why, what with my monotone voice and, as the kids call it, ‘resting 70’s serial-killer face’. Despite this, or maybe because of this, I figured I’d share some egotistical […]

The Bonfire of the Vanities

Ah, the eighties. Is there any period of history which inspires more unworthy nostalgia? From Renaissance-style shoulder-pads, to the break-up of the band Japan, to the seemingly-inexorable climb of the Japanese economy, and the mirrored fortunes of the USSR and the CCP. It was an era of excess, conspicuous consumption matched both by extreme rises […]

Tlon, Ubquar, Sui Generis

Or; How I learned to stop hating myself and start making ideas. A lot of people have asked me over the years “How do you write?” A few more have asked “why”, but that’s a question that I deem both stupid and uncharitable, so we’ll let that one slip by. Let’s start with how. There […]

Il Re di Media Antisociale

If you’re one of the 3.333 people that stumbled onto this blog, you probably know I have an Instagram. No, I’m not going to link it; my fine cooking and unwashed features are best left unrepeated. Even so, I wonder, what brought you here? My effusive praise? The endless puns? The advice, sometimes unsolicited, or […]

Bob Ross and the Joy of Balance

I’ve never had the pleasure of watching one of Bob Ross’ programmes. Given our mutual appreciation of life, art, and afros, this is something I desperately need to rectify, but the internet being the internet I have seen some clips of his, one of which was particularly impactful. It was from season 23, episode 3: […]

“If they Won…”

Youtube recommendations being what they are, it was only a matter of time before I was thrown into a new rabbit-hole of lore for a game I have yet to play. Enter Hearts of Iron IV’s mod: “The New Order” (TNO) TNO is an example of that popular branch of alt-history; “What if the Nazis […]